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Dear students,

From the very outset, let’s talk about your projects for this semester. I hope it can help you learn the language, English, by yourself to complement with the work done in class and Cambridge

This project is base on a Didactic Technique called Project Based learning, this didactic technique, based on cases, debate, problem-based lerning (Barrows,1996), and so on, is used in many universities of the world in many heterogeneous disciplines due to the advantages it offers for student learning. 

With this kind of project you will develop your abilities and attitudes such as:
  • Understanding your role in your community (Cibertec).
  • Responsibility.
  • Debating ideas.
  • Designing plans and/ or experiments.
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • Communication of ideas and discoveries to others.
  • Managing several sources of information and disciplines.
  • Managing available resources, such as time and material.
  • Collaborative work.
  • Learning complex ideas and abilities in real life scenarios.
  • Building your own knowledge, so as to make it easier for the team members to transfer and retain information.
  • Metacognitive abilities (for example: self direction, self evaluation).
  • Integration of concepts through different subject and concept areas.
  • Linking cognitive, social, emotional and personal goals to real life.
  • Abilities for everyday life (for example: conducting a meeting, making plans, using a budget).
  • Technologic abilities (for example: keyboard and software use, making measures).
  • Cognitive process abilities (for example: decision-making, critical thinking, problem solving).
    and much more...

    The main features of organizing a study plan at the professional level is based on a global vision of knowledge which involved the complete thought process from the initial idea to the solution of the problem.

    I hope this technique helps you to achieve the objectives of learning.

    Now go to see your project for this term: Guide for the Project for English II_2016_I 

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